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Industrial Safety
Lazaridou A. Aristothea - Chemical Engineer - Safety Engineer - Facility Safety - Occupational Health & Safety - Papagou Attiki


Mrs. Aristothea Lazaridou, specializing in the field of Industrial Safety, represents a notable figure in the field of safety and health at work. With a wide range of services she offers, Mrs. Lazaridou stands out as the professional who specializes in enhancing safety and quality in the workplace.

The services it provides cover a wide range of needs and offer solutions that meet the high demands of modern industry. The main services offered include:

  • Design, development and implementation of Quality Management Systems (ISO 45001:2018): Mrs. Lazaridou provides specialized services aimed at the development and implementation of quality management systems in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 standards for health and safety at work.
  • Explosion Protection Document (ATEX Study): Explosion safety is critical in many industrial sectors, and Mrs. Lazaridou offers ATEX studies to protect against such hazards.
  • Large Area Accident Safety Studies (SEVESO): Facilities facing high risk require specialized safety studies, and Mrs. Lazaridou specializes in this area.
  • Risk Assessment Studies (Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment): The assessment of risks and the determination of preventive measures are critical for the safety of workers and facilities.
  • Facility Vulnerability Studies (vulnerability study): Assessing the vulnerability of facilities is critical to addressing potential risks.
  • HAZOR studies: The identification and treatment of dangerous chemical and physical factors is important for the safety of workers.
  • Extensive Gap Analysis (GAP Analysis) & Legal Compliance Audit: Adapting to legal rules and addressing discrepancies is essential to complying with occupational health and safety laws.
  • Maintenance Assessment and Control Studies: Safe operation of equipment is essential to prevent accidents.
  • Measurement and Assessment Studies of Physical and Chemical Agents: Detection and monitoring of hazardous agents is vital.
  • Emergency Response Plans: Depending on the type of business, Mrs. Lazaridou provides emergency response plans.
  • Certified (ISM ATEX Level 2e) Ex equipment inspection: Provides certified inspections for equipment dealing with explosion hazards.
  • Implementation of Diagnostic Thermographic Control in E/M equipment (ITC Level 2): Thermography is important for monitoring electromechanical equipment.
  • Facility Vulnerability Control: Ms. Lazaridou deals with the assessment and improvement of facility vulnerability for risk prevention.

In summary, Mrs. Lazaridou Aristothea offers specialized services that improve safety and quality in the workplace. With its experience and knowledge, it contributes to ensuring the safety of workers and compliance with the highest standards and legal requirements in the field of Industrial Safety.