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Occupational Health & Safety
Lazaridou A. Aristothea - Chemical Engineer - Safety Engineer - Facility Safety - Industrial Safety - Papagou Attiki


Mrs. Aristothea Lazaridou is a recognized expert in the field of Health and Safety at Work, offering extensive services concerning the assurance of the safety and health of workers in various fields of work. With a wide range of services that she provides, Mrs. Lazaridou stands out as the professional who seeks the safety and protection of employees and compliance with legislation regarding health and safety at work.

Services provided include:

  • Elaboration of Work Safety Studies: Mrs. Lazaridou provides specialized work safety studies in order to identify and deal with risks in the workplace, thus enhancing the protection of workers.
  • Health and Safety Legislation Compliance Check: Mrs. Lazaridou ensures that businesses are compliant with the applicable occupational health and safety legislation by preparing the necessary studies and evaluations.
  • Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR/RID) Consultant Services: The field of dangerous goods transport requires specialized knowledge and practices for safety. Mrs. Lazaridou provides services as a consultant for the safe transport of dangerous goods according to ADR/RID standards.
  • Fire Safety - Fire Protection Legal Compliance Check: Fire prevention and fire protection are critical issues for the safety of workers and facilities. Mrs. Lazaridou ensures that businesses are legally compliant with fire protection standards.

In summary, Mrs. Lazaridou Aristothea is a remarkable expert in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. The services it offers are aimed at protecting employees and complying with safety and health conditions in the workplace. Its commitment to the protection of human life and the protection of the environment is necessary to ensure safety in all areas of work.