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Lazaridou A. Aristothea - Chemical Engineer - Safety Engineer - Facility Safety
- Industrial Safety - Occupational Health & Safety - Papagou Attiki


Mrs. Lazaridou Aristothea is a notable personality in the field of education, specialized in many fields related to security and protection. Education is the pillar of its professional activity, covering a wide range of services that serve the safety and protection of the individual and the social environment.

The services provided by Mrs. Lazaridou Aristothea in the field of education are rich and valuable for the safety and protection of the public. Among the basic services provided are:

  • Health and Safety: Mrs. Lazaridou offers health and safety training, helping organizations and individual professionals understand and address challenges related to health safety.
  • Fire Safety - Fire Protection: Specializing in this field, Mrs. Lazaridou provides training on fire fighting and fire protection.
  • Physical Security - Security: Trains in dealing with risks and in ensuring the physical security of places and people.
  • Safe Use & Management of Hazardous Materials: Provides knowledge of the safe storage and use of hazardous chemicals or materials.
  • R.B.H.O (Radio-Bio-Chemical Substances) & CIVIL PROTECTION: Specializes in the management of radiological, biological and chemical threats, as well as the development of civil protection.
  • Fire Academy Professor: Teaches the basic principles and techniques of firefighting to future firefighters.
  • Professor - Hellenic Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal Department: Teaches members of the police force how to deal with and prevent dangerous situations related to explosive devices.

Mrs. Lazaridou Aristothea stands out as an educational personality who contributes to the safety and protection of the public, with extensive knowledge in many fields. The services it offers enhance the ability of individuals and organizations to face risks and ensure their safety, thus contributing to the creation of a safer and more protected environment.